A Source of Inspiration


What inspires you?ย  Maybe that’s a clichรฉ question, but have you ever really stopped and thought about it? And after all, what is inspiration, exactly? Continue reading “A Source of Inspiration”


AWP Photo of the Day

Today we have a summer-themed photo.


I thought it was very beautiful and vintage, and the high-contrast focal point is truly beautiful.ย  It’s a picture that’s industrial yet pretty, and really is very sharp.

I especially like the different elements in the picture- there’s cloth, metal, rope, and of course the sea water below.ย  I think it is just what we need in the dreary weather. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you liked this pick as much as I do.

Stay creative,


AWP Pic of the Day. Stunning.


AWP (aww, peaches) is starting a new photography lineup- called Pic of the Day. Each photograph is high-resolution and coordinates with the seasons, holidays, flora, and nature for that time. Each photo also has a caption- this one is titled “Winter Warmth.”

Photos will be posted every Sunday of the month. So this Sunday, (today, Feb. 5) next Sunday (Feb. 12) and so on.

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Geometric Christmas Decorations- DIY


Recently, I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit once again.ย  As soon as Black Friday begins, we begin with the lights & tree. But while pulling up a bin of ornaments, I noticed a sad situation- not quite enough decorations for our small seven- foot tree!ย  What did I do? I made some. You guys know me so well. So I found some Christmas decorations from Mini Eco.ย  They’re super cute and modern. I decided to give a few of these cuties a whirl.


I also tried a few of the Geometric Gems.ย  These pictures are from Mini Eco. In my creations, I made the gems white to coordinate with the holidays better. But these are cute decorations any time of year. There are six types that are available on the site, and they’re free to download and print.

So do they turn out as good as the photos? Yep. Some of the shapes are pretty hard to cut out, but I must remind myself to have patience.ย  To make them hang- able, I threaded string through the top of each shape so they can be proudly displayed on my tree. I found that the best glue to use for this is hot glue, because it dries so quickly. Just be careful with the hot nozzle on the glue gun, and don’t be like me- going and burning yourself with it. Several painful times.


Here they are hanging up. Aren’t they pretty? This picture includes all the shapes I tried, but there are other shapes that you can make, too. I think my favorites are the the mountain and the snowflake tetrahedron. I made several of those. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The link for the printables is below, as well as the link to the site. The site features a lot of other paper decor crafts I hope to do posts on. Have fun!

Paper Decorations Post- Mini Eco






Miniature Worlds-Tiny Bedroom

I’ve always been fascinated with the beautiful miniature rooms dotted across Pinterest. They were so bright, clean, modern…it was like a real home in this day and age. They’re so unlike what we mostly think of dollhouses- old granny playthings with flowered blankets and cheesy wallpaper. But yes, there is such a thing as a modern dollhouse. Although I would love to have an entire home, I decided to experiment first- so I made just one room. I started with a child’s bedroom, mainly because one of the first things i wanted to make was one of those cute play teepees. So I gathered up a shoe box and some paper and got to work. And here’s what I came up with!

Number One

Isn’t it cute? And not so granny. I love the artwork and probably my favorite part is the exposed brick. All of the furniture was DIYed or repurposed things from around the house. The floor was printed from Google Images as well as the brick walls and artwork. The chandelier was a quick DIY with copper wire, pearl beads, and hot glue. The stools were wooden blocks that I painted gold on the top.


Here’s the cute play area! The picture looks strange, because I accidentally selected the wrong effect on the camera. I love the teepee. I made it from white felt and toothpicks. It’s surprisingly sturdy, but I still wouldn’t recommend stepping on it or something. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The clock on the wall is a clock face printable glued to a bottle cap. For the picture frames, I used magnetic strips. The Just Be Cool wall art frame was a leftover scrap of the brick wall paper. The cute letters were from a spelling game . The red dollhouse is a Monopoly hotel, and the flower pillow in the teepee is a decorating from an old hairband. The little train, (it barely got cut out of the picture) is a Monopoly piece.

Number Three.jpg

I like the bed area. The blanket was some geometric fabric from a book cover that didn’t fit my book. ๐Ÿ™‚ I made the pillow. The fruit cutouts were from a paintable picnic set.ย  Also, you get a closer look at the cute “exposed brick” walls. The bed was from a previous doll set. And finally, the toy train got in the picture!

Number Four

Here is the complete overview of the bedroom. It works best to Calico Critters scale, actually. I wish this bedroom was in full size for me. It makes me wish I was a tiny critter. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope that if I make any other rooms, they will satisfy me as much as this one does. I think all that’s missing is a bowl of peaches, or something peachy. But this room really is modern. Looks like a bedroom straight out of IKEA. I love it and it turned out better than I expected! Stay creative,


9 Summery Fruit DIYs

b #1

Fruits are so cute. And so are DIY projects inspired by fruit. There is so much cute color and fun elements! I collected 10 fruit inspired DIYs to celebrate summer, since it’s coming to an end soon. So lets make some fruity projects before summer is gone, starting with fun fruit wrapping paper from The House That Lars Built.

b #4

And some cute fruity plates for an end- of – summer party from Bloom Designs.

b #5

And a cute fruity tee from Damask Love.

b #6

Decorate your doorstep with these fun painted pumpkins from Style Me Pretty.

b #8

And wear summer all year long with this cute orange necklace from Revamperate.


Make some cute umbrellas to keep you happy, even when it rains, from Studio DIY.


Make these cute paper fruits as play food for kids or to decorate your desk or bookshelf via Kikki-K.


Show off your summer style with these cute watermelon shoes from Bespoke Bride.


And finally, check out these cute DIYs, including this fruit garland, from Apartment Therapy.

Stay creative,



Colorful Succulent Planters


While doing some early morning web surfing I found an easy DIY craft- succulent planters! I love these- they are such cute colors and one of my favorite Pinterest projects. Plus, succulents are all the rage now and really don’t need a whole lot of care. These would look cute lined up on a windowsill, dresser, or bookshelf. And considering there are a lot of plastic eggs lying around in the basement, I think this project is a winner! Let’s get started! you’ll need:

Plastic Easter Eggs

A Metallic Sharpie or Gold Paint Pen

Take an Easter egg in the color of your choice and use the sharpie pen to draw a design or simply just a rim. Then hunt for a succulent around the house or make a quick run down to a plant shop. I think cacti would work inside too, but they would have to be small. Sprinkle a teeny bit of potting soil in the egg and plant your cute succulents. That’s it! This project is so easy and simple. I lined mine up on the windowsill. They look so cute. ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay creative,