Mini Folding Photo Book

Another super fun DIY idea to store your photos! Always so simple and beautiful.

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Genius Nail Hacks to Try NOW!

I have always liked doing my nails once in a while.  Maybe when I’m in the mood to commit to an hour of hand inactivity and trying not to use up and entire bottle of remover on touching up my sloppy jobs.  Recently I found some amazing tricks to get the perfect nails- they’re genius and I really hope you try them.  Let’s get onto this!

Hack #1.  Glitter Nails

Have you ever been just purely frustrated at how long it takes to get glitter nails?  These always turn out pretty- or at least after about ten coats.  But I found a way to get flawless glitter nails in one coat! Here’s how:

-Paint a regular base coat of clear polish.

-Take a makeup sponge and paint a small amount of glitter polish on the sponge, about the size of your nail.  Then press the painted area against your nail, evenly coating.  You should have a wonderful, full glitter nail with just one coat!

-Add a topcoat of clear to protect the nails from chipping faster.

Hack #2. Color Gradient Nails

CG nails are where you have a different shade of the same color on your nails, usually the thumb with the darkest color, the forefinger with a little lighter, etc.  You don’t have to buy a ton of polish for this.  You can just use one bottle!

-Paint your thumbnail with the regular, dark base color.

-Mix some of the color and some white polish together to get a lighter color, and paint that on the forefinger.

– Just keep repeating with each finger, making them lighter as you go.

Hack #3.  Make Your Own Matte

Matte nails are a new and cute trend.  But you don’t have to have matte polish to achieve the look.  Simply take your clear topcoat, and mix in a little cornstarch to get a matte topcoat.  You can just paint over your regular polish with the topcoat for perfect matte nails.

Hack #4. Cleaning up the Edges

Sometimes it’s hard to get a perfect paint job, or the cotton ball/swab just doesn’t clean up all your ragged edges where you slopping up your paint.  To fix this, take a tiny paintbrush and dip it in polish remover, then use that to remove the polish.

I hope you enjoyed!


DIY Diamond Pillow!

I’ve seen lots of fun pillows floating around the web- from balloon dogs to cacti to really anything that can be a pillow! I saw an adorable diamond-shaped pillow that looked easy- and I thought, why not? My bed does need a nice little update.


These pillows came from a tutorial from Little White Whale. I’ll include the link down below.

I made mine in white, with black lines for a crisp look.  I painted the lines, using tape as my guide to make them perfect and straight.  Make sure you let the paint dry before you peel off the tape.  the project took around 25-30 minutes, so it makes for a quick and easy craft.  Keep in mind you can also sew separate strips of fabric for the lines.  I used hot glue for a no-sew option but I would say that sewing is better, I just didn’t have much time.  You could also use iron-on sticky tape to form the pillow, but that could get expensive.

For the stuffing, use a high-quality brand.  It should be very silky and soft so the diamond will have a good shape.  Sew/glue it closed to finish it.  Again, it’s super easy and looks really cute on a couch or bed, or in a child’s playroom.

I hope you enjoyed!

Find the tutorial from Little White Whale here.




Easy Marble Trinket Dish-DIY

Sorry, no photos today.

My camera was not working and I couldn’t find the charging cord.

But today I would like to share a simple craft to upcycle a simple glass plate or dish into a cute place to store desk necessities, jewelry, etc.  It’s super easy, but I’m not gonna lie, hot glue could come off I the future so something like E6000 would probably be a better choice, but I used hot glue because I didn’t have any.  The materials are one you may already have around your house or are easy and inexpensive to buy.


Glass dish or plate, fairly small

Printed paper (I used marble, and printed it off Google but you can use any type that you want, or decorative paper you have on hand.)

Hot Glue Gun, Scissors, Pencil/Pen

  1. Pick out what print of paper you want to use, or print some out.  I’ll include the link to my print on Google at the end of the post.
  2. Use some kind of circular template (lid, tape roll, etc.) that fits in the bottom of your bowl.  Trace the outline of the template onto your printed paper. Or you can trace the bottom of the dish if it is not circular. Cut out your shape.
  3. This is optional- you can cover your shape in clear tape or laminate it to give it a shiny finish- I covered it in tape.
  4. Align your shape in the bottom of the dish and using your hot glue (or E6000) glue the shape to the bottom of the bowl quickly so you can place it perfectly.

That’s really it, now you can put whatever items you want in it.  It’s super cute, and it’s great that you can make this for virtually no money. Mine cost me nothing. It could cost $8-$10 at a store so I thought this was a super easy and affordable project for pretty much the same end result. It’s super minimalist/boho and I love it!

You can find my marble print here.

Stay creative,