About Aww, Peaches

Aww, Peaches started as a dream. And then planning, imagining, writing, late nights, and of course, a few peaches. And as I was sitting at my desk one August day I started to jot down some random words. Some of the words were “aww” and “peaches.” And then Aww, Peaches was born. I jumped onto my computer and searched the web to see if the name was taken. It wasn’t. I rushed to search for a host-and searched through pages and pages of successful website tips, and after hours and hours, months and months of planning, Aww, Peaches became a reality.

I’m Peaches! A sister, dog lover, a DIYer, (is that even a word?) and a person who wants to make your world and mine full of color. Besides, life’s to short to never create!