DIY Geometric Diamond Hanging


Another adorable idea. This wall hanging/mobile was a result of my love for geometrics lately.  I really love the 3-dimentionality of the diamond/rhombus shapes.  it was really not that hard, but is a little time-consuming…to cut out all the diamond patterns and assemble them.  It’s definitely not for the impatient.  But I love how it turned out and think it was totally worth it! If you want to try it, keep on reading.


-Sheets of paper/cardstock in colors of choice

-Diamond template (Download here, courtesy of The Red Thread)

-Stick or dowel rod

-Needle and Thread

-Scissors and glue

First, print out all the patterns. I made ten diamonds in all- 6 white, 4 black.  You can make any arrangement with any colors, I just did these because I liked the aesthetic.  Cut along the outside lines of the template and fold accordingly, gluing the tabs.  If you did this correctly, you should end up with a charming little diamond. 🙂 Repeat until ten diamonds are made, or however many you want for your hanging.

Once they’re done, thread a needle and poke it gently through the tip of the diamond to make something for the diamond to hang on.  tie the other end of the thread to the stick or dowel.  Repeat for the first row.  for the second row, leave a longer length of thread and repeat the tying process.  Do the same for the third row, but attach the string to the first row of diamonds’ ends to coordinate them.  And tie the last diamond.

That’s it, I hope that made sense, I don’t know.  I really hope it did…

This is cool in any room as a wall hanging or makes an extremely cool modern mobile for a baby’s nursery as well!  It’s so versatile, I love it.  I highly recommend this craft to anyone looking for some new room décor.  I loveeeeeee making it, it’s so fun to redecorate bedrooms and stuff.

Be sure to comment down below and tell me  what you think and what your favorite diamond-themed craft has been so far, and follow the blog on our Wordpress and Google+ pages.  Like this post for more!

Stay creative,





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