DIY Diamond Pillow!

I’ve seen lots of fun pillows floating around the web- from balloon dogs to cacti to really anything that can be a pillow! I saw an adorable diamond-shaped pillow that looked easy- and I thought, why not? My bed does need a nice little update.


These pillows came from a tutorial from Little White Whale. I’ll include the link down below.

I made mine in white, with black lines for a crisp look.  I painted the lines, using tape as my guide to make them perfect and straight.  Make sure you let the paint dry before you peel off the tape.  the project took around 25-30 minutes, so it makes for a quick and easy craft.  Keep in mind you can also sew separate strips of fabric for the lines.  I used hot glue for a no-sew option but I would say that sewing is better, I just didn’t have much time.  You could also use iron-on sticky tape to form the pillow, but that could get expensive.

For the stuffing, use a high-quality brand.  It should be very silky and soft so the diamond will have a good shape.  Sew/glue it closed to finish it.  Again, it’s super easy and looks really cute on a couch or bed, or in a child’s playroom.

I hope you enjoyed!

Find the tutorial from Little White Whale here.




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