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We have a new campaign on the web- a special one to change things up a little and make an impact. Maybe you’ve already seen the sidebar photo, but I want to explain a little more about what this really means.We are fighting for a special purpose- to change the quality of American Girl dolls. We have all noticed the quality has gone down considerably.  And Small Dolls in a Big World started a campaign to get these issues addressed. We’ve noticed the clothing quality has gone down, as well as the neck strings are now zip ties and the underwear is printed onto the body. That’s really disappointing and frankly, quite cheap.

So will you support the cause? Go ahead and click here to read more and help support them. Or send AG an email, letter, or post reviews stating the issues. Comment, like, and share on social media to get the word out. Post this on your own website or blog. Anything helps to make a change.

-Stay creative,



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