FitBit Charge Product Review

I recently purchased a new FitBit Charge and I thought, “hey, why don’t I review this for the website?” So I hopped on the computer and now I’m writing a post on my new watch.


FitBitThis is the FitBit Charge.  It’s not the largest FitBit on the market but it’s getting up there a little. There are three basic models of the Charge: Charge, Charge HR (heart rate) and Charge 2.  I bought the Charge.  There are lots of great features on this model- I love it.  Plus, I got it for only $26 on Ebay. I would recommend a Small wristband but it depends on your wrist size. Keep in mind that the bands are interchangeable and you can get any color of the rainbow on amazon.


-OLED screen (in English: it lights up. That’s all that means.)

-Side button for easy control

-Comes with Watch, Charging Cable and Dongle

-Time, Steps, Calories Burned, Miles, Stair Steps

-Stopwatch (press and hold side button to start/stop.)

-Easy visibility and comfortable fit

-View incoming calls and caller ID (keep in mind you cannot make or answer calls, just view them)

-Tap twice to display, or simply flick wrist. Then tap to go through your stats. (I didn’t know about this one but I love it!)

-High quality rubber wristband with strong closure

Whew. It has a lot of features. The tracking on it is surprisingly accurate.  It is pretty durable but the screen could probably scratch fairly easily, but that’s not an issue for me because I’m not super hard on my stuff.  I took it for a run and it tracked the miles perfectly. You do have to charge the watch, but it holds the charge well.  If it doesn’t, just turn off all-day sync with your phone because that runs the battery down like nobody’s business.

Fitbit App Screen

You do have to download the app for any FitBit to work. But it’s beneficial- you can set your time and goals for the watch from it.  You can also turn notifications on so you can receive calls on the watch. And it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. the setup process is easy and it guide you through it. I feel there’s no need for the Help thing because the app makes it super easy to set up your FitBit.

If you buy one on Ebay, I would recommend the seller Ace of Parts. They’re a huge distributor and they factory reset and test every item to make sure it works perfectly.  The watch comes quickly and in the original FitBit packaging.  if you don’t buy one from this seller and buy one from someone else on Ebay I would recommend a hard factory reset so it can sync with your phone and give you your data instead of someone else’s.

A quick tip- consider your color choice. Mint green could show dirt and just be really yucky looking after a while. you should probably not buy a black one. Nothing against it, it looks fabulous, but if you ever misplace your watch it will be very difficult to find again.  I got the color ‘Slate’ and I like it because it’s easy to see but doesn’t get dirty-looking and is a neutral color that goes with any outfit. Other colors I would recommend are Navy Blue or Plum because they sow the least wear. But if you really love the color orange or something, go ahead and get it! It’s your watch!

That’s about it. If you consider getting one, I love my FitBit Charge and would recommend it to anyone!





3 thoughts on “FitBit Charge Product Review

  1. This was helpful because sometimes I can’t see all the features online. I am thinking about getting one. I was wondering if it had heart rate monitoring on it? And any tips for buying it off eBay?


    1. Thank you!
      The Fitbit Charge does not have heart rate monitoring on it, but the Charge HR does. (HR=heart rate.)
      On eBay, look for one that has the charging cable and dongle. Don’t buy one that’s defective as noted by the seller or the seller is only selling the watch. The reason for this is that you wouldn’t be able to charge it or anything. This is all fine if you have a charging cord already but most don’t.
      If you don’t see a good price, keep looking! New one come up every day.



  2. I bought from a different seller but I really didn’t know how to use many of the features before this post! Thank you so much!!! I think the app could’ve been more descriptive on how to use stuff.

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