A Source of Inspiration


What inspires you?  Maybe that’s a cliché question, but have you ever really stopped and thought about it? And after all, what is inspiration, exactly? Maybe you are already bored with this post.  Maybe you’re thinking, “isn’t this supposed to be a creative little corner of the Internet?” But all creativity, at least for myself, starts with inspiration. Maybe it comes from something I saw of something I heard, something I read or a new idea just waiting to happen.  And then I think about it- plan it. But sometimes its better just to wing it and hope for the best…

And really, I’m sitting here, typing away without any inkling of a plan. What a coincidence.

Sometimes, inspiration comes from motivation- maybe to prove someone or something wrong.  Maybe it comes out of pure boredom, or a need to create.  We are born with a mental push to create, to make new things- that’s what makes us who we are today, and without that we would probably still be living in the dark ages- but then again, they still had houses back then-and they had to CREATE those. I have made my point. 🙂

It doesn’t take traveling somewhere or spending a lot of money to be inspired.  J.K. Rowling was a single mother barely getting by when she wrote her bestselling series. Shakespeare wasn’t sitting on a mountaintop when he wrote, and yet he is one of the best authors of all time.  And I bet you also don’t need inspiring surroundings to create something beautiful.

We are never too old to be creative or think of something new, just like we are never too old to stop learning or discovering new things.  And it takes no special skill to create or be inspired to write.  Anyone can do it. I hope that maybe I have been a little source of inspiration for you today, or that little push you need to create something new- and something wonderful.

Stay creative,




2 thoughts on “A Source of Inspiration

  1. I get ideas for stories. I see a prompt online, my siblings say something, or I see the light through the trees, making it look like something elven or fairy like, and a story starts to grow in my mind. Sometimes it takes a few minutes. Sometimes its just there. The only problem is writing down what I’ve just created. 😛
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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