Geometric Christmas Decorations- DIY


Recently, I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit once again.  As soon as Black Friday begins, we begin with the lights & tree. But while pulling up a bin of ornaments, I noticed a sad situation- not quite enough decorations for our small seven- foot tree!  What did I do? I made some. You guys know me so well. So I found some Christmas decorations from Mini Eco.  They’re super cute and modern. I decided to give a few of these cuties a whirl.


I also tried a few of the Geometric Gems.  These pictures are from Mini Eco. In my creations, I made the gems white to coordinate with the holidays better. But these are cute decorations any time of year. There are six types that are available on the site, and they’re free to download and print.

So do they turn out as good as the photos? Yep. Some of the shapes are pretty hard to cut out, but I must remind myself to have patience.  To make them hang- able, I threaded string through the top of each shape so they can be proudly displayed on my tree. I found that the best glue to use for this is hot glue, because it dries so quickly. Just be careful with the hot nozzle on the glue gun, and don’t be like me- going and burning yourself with it. Several painful times.


Here they are hanging up. Aren’t they pretty? This picture includes all the shapes I tried, but there are other shapes that you can make, too. I think my favorites are the the mountain and the snowflake tetrahedron. I made several of those. 😉 The link for the printables is below, as well as the link to the site. The site features a lot of other paper decor crafts I hope to do posts on. Have fun!

Paper Decorations Post- Mini Eco






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