Colorful Succulent Planters


While doing some early morning web surfing I found an easy DIY craft- succulent planters! I love these- they are such cute colors and one of my favorite Pinterest projects. Plus, succulents are all the rage now and really don’t need a whole lot of care. These would look cute lined up on a windowsill, dresser, or bookshelf. And considering there are a lot of plastic eggs lying around in the basement, I think this project is a winner! Let’s get started! you’ll need:

Plastic Easter Eggs

A Metallic Sharpie or Gold Paint Pen

Take an Easter egg in the color of your choice and use the sharpie pen to draw a design or simply just a rim. Then hunt for a succulent around the house or make a quick run down to a plant shop. I think cacti would work inside too, but they would have to be small. Sprinkle a teeny bit of potting soil in the egg and plant your cute succulents. That’s it! This project is so easy and simple. I lined mine up on the windowsill. They look so cute. πŸ™‚ Stay creative,



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